Re-Envisioning The Creative Process

One Thought and One Action At A Time 

GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY (GF&CO) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to the application of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™ through art, ritual and performance, under the Artistic Direction of Theater/Visual Artist and OTOA Founder & Master Teacher, Gia Forakis, and the Associate Artistic Direction of Theater/Visual Artist/Teacher and OTOA Managing Director, Darya Gauthier.
GF&CO’s Mission is built upon the premise that the arts are where we encounter our humanity, nurture our civility, and fortify our connection to one another. We aim to do this though our commitment to putting One-Thought-One-Action into action by creating projects that remind us to foster something larger than our quotidian sense of self.

OTOA is the study and practice of identifying smaller increments of thought as smaller moments of physical action. OTOA is taught as a Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™ designed for performers, directors, collaborators, theater makers and public speakers, and as OTOA Creative Life Practice (CLP)™ open to creative thinkers in any field.

OTOA is also the sister enterprise to GF&CO offering classes, workshops, seminars, salons, studio-labs and  performance-labs that are open to the public, as well as GF&CO member training, project development, productions and residencies. CLICK HERE for Offerings & Schedules.

RE-ENVISIONING GF&CO: A letter from the Gia ....

Although the One-Thought-One-Action technique grew out of a performance aesthetic, after nearly 14 years of developing and working with OTOA as a stage director and teacher,  it’s become very clear that the same principles that bring clarity and enrichment to the staged event are just as meaningful when applied to the individual and collective activities that take place off of the stage. 

What began as a forum for engaging audiences with new avenues of theater-making through the exploratory lens and innovative technique of OTOA, we have re-envisioned as a platform for engagement of the public in a wider range of forums,
with a broader range of OTOA application.

We see this as an opportunity to serve a larger community by sharing the both the creative and the practical benefits of OTOA, through OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™ and OTOA Creative LIfe Practice (CLP)™


OTOA's practice of incremental thought and action is the preliminary step that manages all our goals, no matter what the project --big or small, quotidian or visionary.


OTOA has been the central operating principle behind GF&CO, artistically and administratively, since its inception, but in an age where multi-tasking challenges our depth of attention and range of engagement, we see OTOA as the most valuable commodity and creative tool that we have to offer to the public and to one another."

                                                                - Gia Forakis, Brooklyn, February, 2016