Have you thought about making a tax-deductible donation to GIA FORAKIS & COMPANY? As a contributor you will have the great pleasure of knowing that your support is making a historical difference in contributing to an entirely new approach to creating physically dynamic and vividly exciting theater One-Thought and One-Action at a time!


As a new not-for-profit theater company we are looking for inventive ways to tap our resources. Do you have a skill, a resource, a connection that might be an important building block? We invite you to become member of our community of supporters by making a Tax-Deductible In-Kind-Donation.


Interested in being a GF&CO Intern? Our interns have a terrific opportunity to get hands on experience by engaging in the development of a growing theater company. The ideal intern is: a team player; someone who takes pride in his or her work; understands the benefits of network building and mutual respect; disciplined and dependable; understands that to build a career in the Theater there are two sides to the stage - backstage and onstage.

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