The most important thing to know about working with us, is that our work is based in the performance technique OTOA (One-Thought-One-Action)

GF&CO is proud of our community of member talented, working professionals, theater artists who have trained in the OTOA performance technique.

As a studio-lab we are interested in "slow theater", creating a project incrementally and enriching the content through residencies, rehearsals, that allow us to experiment with form and style, as well as to build a strong OTOA-based team. Therefore we do not make casting commitments until we are in preparing for production. However, as GF&CO associate members work on the develop a project, they build an investment in the roles and we give them the offer of a first refusal. 

GF&CO Members receive OTOA Performance Technique workshops gratis. 

If you are curious and interested in working with us, please contact 
Assoc. Artistic Director, Darya Gauthier and let us know:
  1. a little bit about you
  2. your creative goals 
  3. and why you think you'd be a good fit with GF&CO. 
Email with your Headshot and Resume to
Please add "GF&CO Membership" in the subject header

We will contact you to let you know when the next workshop will be. It is important that you take an OTOA workshop so that you can determine if this is a good fit. You will receive a 10% discount on this first workshop.   


We are currently developing a new original, scripted experimental (movement-based) performance project. We are growing this piece in stages. 
2018 has been dedicated to developing he script.
2019 will be devoted to experimenting on our feet with building a movement vocabulary in conjunction with the scripted text. 


THE NARRATOR: (Gender and age are open for interpretation):

A Guide. A Host. A point of view, a sense of humor: Time & Space.


THE FATHER: (50's, any ethnicity): Larger than Life but with human limitations; loves to laugh; a heart that swells to twice its normal size; speaks with a Western twang (from a place called Wyomin’), from a country that no longer exists; The Prophet; The Philosopher; a cross between Socrates, Zorba The Greek, Tevye (from Fiddler on The Roof), and Buffalo Bill; Time is Memory.


THE WOMAN (The Daughter: Late 20’s - early 40’s, any ethnicity,): Wide open, raw, sensuous, and grounded like a helium balloon on a string with a lead weight; where logic meets intuition; where vulnerability meets strength; where feeling is as full as a cherry tree in blossom; re-turning, re-searching, re-memorizing; Time is Fluid.


THE MAN (The Lover: Late 30’s -- mid 40's, any ethnicity): Armored, with a rugged sex appeal; attracted to her vision of him; has lost his personal mythology; struggling to over come his own stereo-type; Time is Linear.